Viewfinder of Charlton Horethorne

Village Centre

Horse & riders shopping!
The Village Shop
Seen in wall at Middle Farm.
Ammonite Fossil
Middle Farm
Sited next to village shop, it was changed in 2020 from a telephone box to house a defibrillator.
Old Telephone Box
The Village School
View from churchyard to Charlton Gorse.
St Peter & St Paul Churchyard
Detail of the churchyard railings.
St Peter & St Paul Church
Detail of the carvings on the church lychgate.
St Peter & St Paul Lychgate
Old signpost set into wall opposite the church.
Old Milestone
Detail of thatch roof with cat ornament or 'dolly'.
Virginia Cottage
View of village centre
Mature Chestnut Tree
Chain Fencing edges the village green.  On the green is the village notice board, the original water pump and model plan of the village from 1994.
Village Green
Village centre with views to Charlton Gorse
Village Centre
Private residential dwelling converted from old cow shed.
Middle Farm
Purcells House & site of former garage.
Purcells House
Eastfields House
View looking through to the Cleeve
The Cleeve
Towards Charlton Hill
Village Hall
In the centre of the village.
The Kings Arms and The Village Shop
View towards Charlton Gorse from village centre.
Charlton Gorse
One of the 4 mature chestnut trees in centre of village on green outside village pub.
Mature Chestnut Tree
Main road leaving village centre towards church.
Towards Sherborne
Lychgate at St Peter & St Paul church in village.
St Peter & St Paul Church
Houses opposite the church
648 & 649 Sherborne Road
The Village School
View through gateway.
Middle Farmhouse

Millennium Green

With view of Charn Hill beyond.
Millennium Green
To commerate all village school children who donated a stone for the wall to celebrate 2000.
The Pond
Entering the Millennium Garden from Water Lane.
Gate through to Water Lane
The green, assault course and children's play area.
Immaculate Green
Picnic Table
Bench on which to sit and enjoy the pond life.
The Pond
Sheltered Seating
View towards the village centre end of Millennium Green.
Picnic Area & Children's Play Area

The Cleeve & Cowpath Ln

Cows grazing.
On the Cleeve
From the Cleeve
Charlton Horethorne
The Cleeve from Level Lane
Looking towards the village
The Cleeve
Manor Close
From the village
The Cleeve
Top of Cowpath Lane

The Knapp, North Rd, Blackford Rd & Violet Ln

North Road Cottage
Leaving village heading towards Blackford.
Blackford Road
From Blackford Road.
Golden Valley
From Blackford Road.
Golden Valley
The Old Police House
On North Road
North Road
View from top of Gunville Lane.
Charn Hill
North End Cottage
Old Granary
From Harvest Lane to centre of village.
Towards Village Centre
Ammonite in the wall.
The Knapp
From North Road towards Harvest Lane.
Violet Lane
Footpath to Compton Pauncefoot.
Corner of Violet Road & North Road

Maperton Rd, Golden Valley & Silver Knapp

View towards Golden Valley
Kiwi Cottage & Golden Valley Farm Cottage
Maperton Road
Barn Restoration at Golden Valley Farm
From Golden Valley.
View across to Silver Knapp
Barns at Golden Valley
Golden Valley Farm
Golden Valley Farm
Water Lane
Bumble Cottage
Clanfield House
Robert Penny Cottage
Along North road.
The Water House & Post Box
Start of Maperton lane.
Maperton Road at Junction with North Road

Water Ln & Gunville Ln

View of Charn Hill.
The Waterhouse
Footpath to Charlton Hill.
Footpath Sign
House on Water Lane
The Waterhouse
House on Water Lane
At Gunville Farmhouse.
Gunville Farm
Golden Valley
Gunville Lane
Charlton Horethorne House.
Charlton Horethorne House
At Charlton Horethorne House.
At Charlton Horethorne House.
Towards Golden Valley Farm.
Water Lane
Lesters Orchards
Golden Valley
Looking towards Golden Valley.
Lesters Orchard

Cathill Ln & Other Byways

Across fields to village centre.
Towards the Pub
From Cathill Lane towards the church.
The Church.
The Kennels
Horses Exercising
Towards Cathill Lane
The Owls
Gate into Bonfire Field next to Millennium Green
Towards Mount Lane
Footpath Sign
Footpath off Cathill Lane.
Footpath & Stile
Towards Mount Lane
Cathill Lane

Field & Countryside Views

View of village from church out to Milborn Wick.
From Charlton Gorse
View of Charlton Horethorne showing the village, Cleeve, Harvest Lane.
From Charlton Gorse
View towards Waterloo Farm and beyond.
From Charlton Gorse


Windrush Farm
Stowell Post Box
St Mary Magdalene Church.
Church Porch
St Mary Magdalene Church
Across Stowell
Across Stowell
Bluebell Woodland


WW2 Bunker
Wall made from the airfield on Green Lane.
WW2 Air Raid Shelter
WW2 Air Raid Shelter and Cinema
WW2 Air Raid Shelter and Cinema