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“Nature, who cares?”

With less than a week to go until the UK decides on its next government, election candidates need to know that nature matters to us all.     The question: Do candidates really care? 

The Wildlife Trusts recent polling has shown that committing to compelling and effective plans for nature and climate can win votes. But so far, we’re not seeing enough from the candidates to convince us that they’ll act if they’re elected. We hope your emails and the details you can share about your neighbourhood will help change this.  

The answer: I care! We all care! 

We know you do! We hope that you can help change this by emailing your candidates and sharing details about your neighbourhood. 

Unfortunately, nature has been failed by those in power for years and the next UK Government will have an urgent task on its hands – to bring wildlife back, on land and at sea, for everyone. All candidates need to understand this.  

Our simple form can help you find local candidates and share your own views about why a healthy environment is so important. Your email will also include some hard-hitting facts from our recent polling alongside information about the state of nature in your constituency.  

Candidates want to represent you. When decision-makers know that people want them to prioritise nature, big things can happen. Be a voice for wildlife in your area and join the thousands of people acting today!     Will your candidate speak up for nature?

In the lead up to the General Election, you have probably heard a lot of information from your local candidates about a lot of issues. With nature decline not being included in many parties manifestos, we want to hear what is happening in your local area.

    Thank you for your support,

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